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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watch Usain Bolt 2012 Olympic Games

One of the famous icons in history of sport is Usain Bolt because of his amazing speed in sprint, the holder record in world’s fastest man. Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell are also well known a fastest man that competes in the different event of running, but Usain broke their record in past years. For this coming 2012 Olympic Games, the most awaited part of a game that a large crowd of people like to watch and witness the new record breaker. The question is “who will be the greatest and fastest among them”? So, we cannot predict for now, all of them they trained hard for the competition. How you may able to watch Usain Bolt amazing speed? To make it updated, here is the list of scheduled in athletic event in track and field. In this event, you might watch Usain Bolt vs Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay vs Usain Bolt, or Tyson Gay vs Asafa Powell. I think those are well known I’ve ever heard name in the field of sprint. We could not forecast, there’s a man who runs fastest that Usain Bolt during competition. So, that’s we are waiting for, nevertheless most probably people admire Usain, Asafa, or maybe Tyson.

Watch 2012 Athletic Olympic Games

If you’re trying to go London, acquire a reservation ticket to the nearest booking outlet to make it less. However, during the game, you could subscribe through online to watch live games in track and field. No more hassle, just only setting down and watch the live streaming. Unfortunately, it is more fun watching personally because you appreciate it what’s happening but the problem is, how to get there if you don’t have enough money?

You’re fun of Athletic Track and Field Games?

I’m having fun watching track and field games because you could not only see one game at a time but definitely different events that you may witness. One I’ve been expected to watch are the relay’s in different events such as 4x100, 4x400, 4x200, and etc. In other countries, athletic games is not a popular/common games, they prefer to watch football, baseball, rugby, or basketball and may be they did not support that game.

Aim to be fastest as Usain Bolt?

Based on my experience, I’m also an athletic athlete that competes in different event in running, also a sprint yet not fastest than Usain Bolt.  There’s no harm in trying, the key is the determination to achieved the goal what so ever your ambition. Unfortunately, if I’m not wrong, athletic games is hard game that may possibly put your extra effort, strength of mind, and perseverance to achieve being as an athletic athlete. Athletic game is an individual games that you depend yourself throughout the competition, because you rely on yourself to win the game. Also, teamwork applied to support each member.


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