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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to maintain a healthy body and stay fit

Most of us aim to become a healthy and fit body to be good looking as part of every individual, especially off in illness. However, because the temptation of foods intake, we cannot control what we eat. That’s why obese prone to our health. A healthy body gives extra effort in our daily lives because of the alertness of mind and body, also the flexibility how to handle every task. Had you ever tried a fit body before and then being obsessed? Actually, I’m one of them. I’m an athletic player in Track and Field runs 100, 200, 400, and relays. 5 years being as an athlete, also a student in college at the time. When I graduated, I stop running because they don’t need me anymore as part of their team to compete any competition, just what my attitude that time. Unfortunately, my perception is wrong! So, that’s why I’m being fatty, but not too much. Yet, I started jogging early in the morning sometimes in the afternoon if I’m not busy. It’s very difficult to become too big, like for example while setting, walking, and running. To maintain an athletic body and to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid certain diseases, start discipline and motivating yourself as early as you can before getting an older.

Learn how to maintain proper diet and healthy fit body

Discipline and motivation is the key to maintain proper diet, for instance it helps in many ways to reduce our sugar, fats, and prolong illness that affects in our body conditions. The main reason why people acquired poor health, it because they don’t care what’s happening sooner or later when the time is come getting bigger. To maintain the figure of a body, the food, vitamins, exercises are very important necessities of our body to make a well balanced lifestyle. If you already have that, just maintain it, exercise regularly, balanced a healthy life, and be a health conscious. While you’re young, try to be health awareness, because when you’re getting older, your body will be prone in illness and it is very danger when getting older and older.

Furthermore, you need first a proper balanced meals, vegetable lover, fruits, regular exercises, and vitamins recommended by the DFA. In motivation of proper diet and healthy fit body is a challenge of every individual, yet it is very hard for the beginner, but it is very helpful that our body could also benefit it.

What are the benefits that we gain when I exercise?

Benefits could be achieved for those who wish to be a fit and healthy body, and for those healths’s conscious.  As rapid technologies arise today, some people could not aware being obese because there’s no time to exercise or maybe they busy what they are doing. Especially, the computer game is one of the most influence technologies, also the social networking site. In many cases, as year increase, illness such as diabetes growth increases because they don’t aware and care about their health. In addition, medicine is not only our survival when getting illness. Why other people encourage taking into account in keeping exercise? Fortunately, because of the benefits that we gain.

      ·         It keeps our mind feel relaxed in doing things.
      ·         It keeps all our body system’s working correctly.
      ·         It helps our immune system working optimum ability.
      ·         To avoid disease such as diabetes and other circumstances that affect in our health
      ·         It helps keep our metabolism positive which provides energy in day to day transactions.
      ·         It helps keep maintaining happier feelings, or may be it can be used in times of stressful conditions.
      ·         It is essential to relief stress and keeps our mind fresh.
      ·         Through exercise, it keeps good hormones has shown in research study.

A proper exercise before taking into action

That’s the common problems, mostly for the beginners before taking into action. Before it begins, you should first warm - up your body so that the nerves stretch and more limber, and after that calm down your body at the end of an exercise to prevent nerves injury. In addition, it is very important to cooling down after workout because it makes your muscles rest well, as well as lower down your heart rate. With that, it helps keeps the body gets well, and makes feel better and refreshing instantly after the workout.

Does exercises relief your stressful body?

Absolutely yes, that’s the benefits that we gain through exercise, not only for healthy and fit body, but also the stress could be relief. So, instead of drinking of alcohol when you’re stress, try to exercise. Totally, not only relief your stress, but it also helps increase your metabolism and immune system working optimum ability.

How to maintain my eating hobbies?

Unfortunately, is the hate of some of us to minimize our food intake, especially for those food lovers. However, our aim is to maintain and stay healthy naturally. When eating even you are hungry, just simply eat slowly, because if you eat more slowly, you tend to obtain filled quickly. The ideal need of our body to maintain healthy bodies are leafy vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and consume dairy products that contents less fat. The basic requirement to stay fit is to follow the steps in order come up the best and effective output that could be benefited by yourself being as fit. Still, proper diet is very important that will help you live healthy and fit.

Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol and it cause side effect that can be harm in our health, also smoking. All the efforts you made from the start will be clean out, as early, quickly quit the habit of putting yourself in abuse situation. As I recommended, drink plenty glass of water every day because it maintain fluids level in our body.

Training exercise helps a lot if disciple, perseverance, and focus apply. There’s no harm in trying for those who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit naturally. 


Tonnette @ Wellness Philippines said...

That is a good idea. Because of work sometimes, we don't have time to maintain our healthy body. So this is it, I will do exercise not only to maintain body fit but off course to less the stressful body. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Diana Guess said...
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App Developers Gurgaon said...

Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

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