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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Usain Bold training updates for 2012 Olympic Games

We are really excited to Watch Usain Bolt for the coming 2012 Olympic Games. Usain Bolt training is not merely easy as he prepare for the game. He train hard to defend his title record in 100 meter dash. Usain and other team members also prepared for 4x4 relays this coming Olympics to defend their record. Jamaican fans are so very excited and fully support for the game may be all Jamaica athletes reign for the games since they feel London being at home because of the supported fans. Usain is a real and unbelievable sprint runner because of his amazing speed. The victory of Bolt comes from the determination and perseverance to aim as a fastest man in the world. Before Usain Bolt, Michael Johnsons, also one of the terrible and amazing sprint runners in the world and a record holder in Olympic Games. However, there are a young and fresh athletes in sprint that compete Usain Bolt for 2012 Olympics or may be one of them break a record. It could be possible?  Maybe, other athletes not only aim to beat Usain, but mostly, the target is how will be able to break a record of Usain Bolt.

Training in the pool for Olympics 2012

Usain Bolt train hard as he could to defend his title holder record in Olympic Games, also all the Jamaican athletes prepare for the big event. Even he is a terrible and a faster runner, he can’t assume the possibility to win 100% for the games. His coaches really work hard for his performance and to obtain the capability of training. Did you know, Usain Bolt not only train in the field to run and run or work out on the gym, but definitely also in the pool. You may Watch Usain Bolt Training in the Pool.
This is the first time I could ever seen Usain Bolt train in water, it could be possible to train in the Pool. So, not only as a swimmer athletes take advantage to train the pool, but also the Athletic Athletes. When you trying to beat Usain, “just train in the Pool”, it’s amazing, "just kidding". Absolutely, that’s the secret being as a runner. There’s has their own unique techniques in comes in training skills. When you noticed, almost all Jamaican runners has place in track and field event because of the incredible preparation of training techniques. As a coach or trainer, you must to be updated and a capability how to handle your athletes, especially for the preparation process. I don’t think what‘s the secret of Usain Bolt in his training development, maybe the discipline, one of the big factors that affects the improvement of every athletes.

Watch Usain Bolt record breaker

However, in the side of Usain Bolt, it is really hard to predict, it might be break for his own record in 100? Definitely, there’s a lot of circumstance arise during the game. One is the climate change, because it can affect during the sprint event, not only for the sprit but for the entire event of track and field events. For instance, it could be happen strong wind during the event of 100 meter dash. So, that’s the risks. If you are going to watch Usain Bolt in 100 meter dash, don’t lose your sight. That’s the time to glimpse and witness the fastest man in the world.


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Usain Bolt defend his world record title?